Ce qui se cache derrière Bio Buyers

What's behind Bio Buyers

Bio Buyers is a natural product distribution company created in 2019 by three visionary founders: Nora, Ahmed and Mehdi. Their ambition was to make natural products accessible to everyone by making them a standard. They are concerned about what goes into our bodies and what we breathe, and have therefore selected the best natural ingredients from fair trade and responsible agriculture for their products. Bio Buyers offers a complete range of natural products in the fields of cosmetics, food, home fragrances, decorative ceramic objects and candles.


Their brand is eco-responsible and their products are unique, natural and healthy. Bio Buyers is also the distribution brand of the Terroir et Sens cooperative which manufactures all the brands distributed, allowing them to be part of a dynamic of continuous improvement of their product offer while reducing their waste as much as possible. For Bio Buyers, it is inconceivable to market products that are not healthy for health or the environment. The company is committed to the ecological transition and fights for more responsible consumption.


Nora, Ahmed and Mehdi have also implemented a policy of strong commitment to their partners and customers. They are committed to providing them with the best products at the best price, unparalleled support, quality assurance, and complete transparency about their products and manufacturing processes. Bio Buyers is proud to work with reliable and responsible partners who share their vision of more ethical and sustainable consumption.


The company also highlights its commitment to consumers by regularly informing them of company news, new products and actions in favor of the environment. Finally, Bio Buyers offers quality customer service to respond to all requests and ensure that each customer is satisfied with their shopping experience.


In short, Bio Buyers is a responsible, committed and transparent company whose mission is to make natural products accessible to everyone. The founders of the company, Nora, Ahmed and Mehdi, have been able to create a company based on strong values ​​and a clear vision, and their passion for more ethical and sustainable consumption is clearly visible in all aspects of their company.

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