Our little story

Bio Buyers is a natural product distribution brand created in 2019 by three founders driven by the desire to make natural products accessible to all. For them, natural products should be considered a standard, because they care about what goes on our plate, what we put on our skin and the air we breathe. The brand's mission is to offer unique, natural and healthy products as cosmetics, food, home fragrances, ceramic decorative objects and candles.

At Bio Buyers, the products are carefully selected and come from natural materials from fair trade and responsible agriculture. This rigorous selection makes it possible to offer high quality products that respect the environment and the health of consumers. The products offered by Bio Buyers are a guarantee of quality and well-being for its customers.

Bio Buyers is an eco-responsible brand that is committed to ecological transition. This results in a choice of products that respect the environment, but also in responsible management of the entire production and distribution chain. Indeed, Bio Buyers is also the distribution brand of the Terroir et Sens cooperative, which manufactures all our brands. This synergy makes it possible to be part of a dynamic of continuous improvement of the product offer while minimizing waste.

Bio Buyers not only offers high quality products, it also undertakes to inform its customers about the benefits of natural products and environmental issues. This transparency and this pedagogy are the keys to a relationship of trust with consumers.

Finally, Bio Buyers is a brand in constant evolution, always looking for new solutions to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of natural products. The brand is indeed convinced that natural products are the future of our way of life. It works to develop new ranges of products that respect the environment and consumer health.

  • Natural

    Selection of Natural , Organic and Fair Trade raw materials.

  • Accessibility

    Natural products at the right price for everyone

  • Eco-responsibility

    Reduce waste and encourage responsible consumption

  • Transparency

    Inform our customers well about the products offered

  • Improvement

    Continuously improve the product offer

In summary, Bio Buyers is much more than a simple natural product distribution brand, it is a brand committed to ecological transition, to healthy and environmentally friendly food and lifestyle. With a rigorous selection of products, responsible management of the production and distribution chain, transparency and education with consumers, Bio Buyers is a trusted brand for lovers of natural products.